Breakfast without compromise.

Our story

Oatmail started with two brothers with a passion for good eating and healthy living. As college student-athletes, they began tinkering with overnight oats recipes as a healthy, filling, quick and eco-friendly breakfast to share with friends and family. 

When folks wouldn't stop coming back for more, they knew they were onto something, and Oatmail was born.

Our overnight oats

This isn't your average oatmeal. Oatmail's overnight oats mix is blended with a well-rounded combo of key health supplements to ensure you start your day right. 

Our reusable glass jar is a convenient, eco-friendly option for your busy day. Our compostable bag packaging minimizes your footprint while maximizing your health and fullness to start the day.

Oatmail is oatmeal - and so much more.


Packed with 21.25 grams of clean vegan protein.


Our sustainable packaging is fully reusable, recyclable or compostable.


Contains 100%+ of your daily value of Vitamin D.


Just add mylk.